Our Design Philosophy

If there is any one aspect of this business that inspires me more than anything else, I would have to say that it is design.  Nothing pleases me more than designing a product that is completely unique and solves a problem that needs to be adressed, better than what is already out there.  This is a primary motivator that has led many a fool to venture out and start there own company, and so it goes.

There are many goals that a designer may have in his or her mind that govern the process, and lead to the final product.  Some designers may want the final outcome to be a product that works just as well as the something that already exists, but looks completely different.  Others may be more motivated to take a complex piece of gear and simplify it while retaining most of it's functionality.  It can be a tough balancing act and often the focus and goals can shift slightly from product to product.

Without further adeu, here is map of the path that we try to follow in our quest to design the very best packs and accessories that we can.

    • Functionality takes precedant over everything else.  Our products have to solve the problem(s) that they intend to, or they don't get past the concept level.
    • Versatility increases functionality but must be weighed carefully against simplicity and cost.
    • Test, test and test some more. 
    • Never stop looking for ways to improve existing products.  The process needs to be continuous if you are going to be honest to your customers, and yourself!
    • Always use the best materials that you can find.  Higher quality always pays off in the long run.



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