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Stealth® side squeeze buckles

Aside from a name that is coincidentally very fitting considering our company name and logo, there are many reasons why this is our choice in side squeeze buckles. 

  • One of the most compact side squeeze buckles on the market.
  • The Stealth® has a a very well rounded and clean design that feels good in the hand and has very positive action. 
  • The buckle is reversible that the male locks into the female in either direction. 
  • High strength-100 lb. load rating.
  • It comes in a wide variety of sizes and variations. We use several different components including:

Standard configuration-Non-adjustable female/adjustable male

Dual adjust-This allows you to adjust the buckle from both sides keeping the buckle centered

Quick Attach Stealth ® Female-This feature allows you to quickly attach the buckle, and therefore other packs and accessories onto exposed sections of webbing. 

We use the Quick Attach Female on the shoulder straps of our 6-point harness to allow the user to find the proper position on the daisy chain.

Drawbacks:   There really aren't any.





Slik Clips® are an excellent means in which to attach small packs and accessories to daisy chains and pack straps.  They are quite compact and very light.

At first, the locking mechanism looks as though it can't be that strong but in actuality it has a very positive action and a pull strength of 50 lbs.

Folks often ask me if they break a lot but to date we have only had 1 sent back to us for replacement.  (And this I suspect was caused by a careless shop employee)

Although the attachment mechanism works very well, it is not as intuitive to operate as a side squeeze buckle.  With just a little practice a little break-in however, it becomes second nature.  (One helpful hint that I have found that makes a big difference in how they work is to make sure that you place you forefinger in the middle of the bar, as you pry it open with your thumb)

It is our belief that they are best used for items that you want to be able to attach to another item, but don't need or want to remove as often all that often.

Here at Right Stuff we use all three Slik Clip® variations which include:

Standard:  This version has one closed loop and one locking attachment mechanism.  It is generally intended to be permanently sewn on to an item so that it can then be attached to another.

Adjustable:  The piece is really a hybrid of a Tensionlock® and Slik Clip®.  It is use in situations where you want some adjustability between the two items that you are attaching together.  It can also be used to repair broken Tensionlocks® in the field

Siamese:  Two locking mechanisms oriented back-to-back gives you incredible flexibility for attaching almost anything to anything.


  1. Only available in 1 inch sizes
  2. Somewhat awkward to use in tight quarters.


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